Social Marketing

“Leads developed through employee social advocacy convert 7x more frequently than other leads”

Source: IBM

The Decline Of Organic Social Reach

It’s a noisy digital world and we’re all competing for share of voice.

According to Nielsen, the amount of content we consume has grown from 2 hours a day (in the 1920s) to nearly 11 hours per day today.

Add to the mix that 60-70% of marketing content goes completely unused (Source: Sirius Decisions) and organic reach via branded social channels is on the decline, marketing is suddenly faced with an expensive problem.

Empowering Social Employees

Marketers have a choice. We cut through the noise by investing more in paid media or we explore an alternative that’s a little closer to home.

Whilst only 2% of employee’s re-share company content, they’re responsible for 20% of the overall engagement (views, likes, comments, and shares) that content receives (Source: LinkedIn).

Your employee’s hold the key to creating a holistic social media strategy.

Create A Conversation Company

Your employees own trusted networks that are better quality and more loyal than any follower of any brand channel.

Help employees develop their professional brand online and build yourself an Earned Media strategy that supports a long term marketing strategy.

Better still, user generated content receives 50% more engagement and 5x greater click-through rates, so encourage your social enthusiasts to start creating content.