Social Internal Communications

“39% of employees have shared praise or positive comments about their employer online”

Source: Weber Shandwick

social media and internal communications

An Era Of Distraction

According to Gallup, 74% of employees feel that they’re missing out on company information and news and other research suggests that only 4 in 10 employees can confidently describe to others what their employer does.

In addition, it’s incredibly time consuming to collate, sign-off and send out the weekly newsletter to a increasingly distributed workforce at a time when employees spend more time on mobile apps than email. Capturing attention is difficult.

Transforming The Engaged Workforce

We live in transparent times where businesses can no longer manage their brand.

Employee and customer experiences – good and bad – are easily shared via social technologies but this isn’t always a bad thing.

Organisations that enjoy high employee engagement are turning this into an advantage by enabling their workforce to build their own a social voice.

social media and internal communications
social media and internal communications

Employees Are Already Social

39% of employees admit to posting content about their employer on social media without any encouragement from their employer because they’re proud, engaged and excited about the work they do (Source: Weber Shandwick).

Social media advocacy can help streamline your communication programs with your employees allowing them to easily consume and even share content to their networks directly via their mobile device.