The Social Impact Program

Social businesses evolve over time. Your early adopting employees will be jumping at the chance to build their professional profile using a social business approach. Your social sceptics will lean back and observe first. Get in touch

The Social Impact Program

Having an employee social media training program that is flexible enough to support the different learning preferences of a multi-generational workforce is an advantage.  A program that is scalable and repeatable will support this transformation over time as more employees recognise the value of social business.

Our Social Impact Program was born out of training thousands of employees.

Fundamentally the program is built around a logical learning journey that takes employees from ‘social zero’ to ‘social hero’ in easy-to-follow, digestible lessons.  What’s more, the Social Impact Program can be delivered via four different mechanisms or a mix of each:

Social Impact eLearning Program

We’ll give you your own secure e-Learning portal where employees can access online versions of the Social Practitioner, Social Apprentice and Social Expert courses.  The most cost efficient way to introduce an on-demand social media training program that scales with your business and employee demands.

Courses:  Social Practitioner, Social Apprentice & Social Expert
Pricing:  One time setup + fee per active learner per month.

Social Impact Webinar Series

If you prefer the live interaction and social vibe that webinars allow for then both the Social Apprentice and Social Expert courses can be delivered this way.  Perfect for organisations that have virtual teams and workforces dotted around the globe but still want to bring a social community vibe together.

Courses:  Social Apprentice & Social Expert
Pricing:  Pricing per course program.  Max 100 attendees.  Recordings & resources available for 60 days.

Social Impact Workshops

Many employees value the face-to-face engagement of time in the room with an instructor.  These highly interactive sessions are delivered on-site, giving your employees the opportunity to ask questions and get 1st level support right in the room.  Perfect if your employees are all in one office.

Courses:  Social Apprentice, Social Expert & Social Master
Pricing:  Pricing per day or half day

Social Expert

The Social Expert course is a 6-week online learning program.  The course has been designed to advance those employees who have established their professional brand online, built a core network and are now ready to move to the next stage.

The course is ideal for organisations that:

  • want to move their Social Apprentices to the next level in the program
  • have deployed an employee advocacy tool but want employees to understand social sharing etiquette and best practices
  • want to encourage more employees to build out their Twitter presence for broader brand reach

Social Impact Bootcamp

For those that want to experience the entire Social Impact Program from start to finish, we run an intensive two-day Social Impact Bootcamp twice a year.  Ideal for small businesses that have subject matter experts that want to build their social influence online quickly.  It’s intense, fun, interactive and fast paced.

Courses:  Social Practitioner, Social Apprentice, Social Expert & Social Master
Pricing:  Per attendee, per day.  Attendees can choose to join one or both days depending on their preference.

Set the right tone for a social business culture early on.

Invite only those that are interested to take their first step into social business and focus your investment on those that are keen to progress.

The Social Impact Program is packed full of interactive tutorials, demo videos, templates, guides and checklists.  All of the content has been structured to follow a  you will be guided through the learning journey with self-paced, bite-sized lessons.

Free Download:  Employee Advocacy Workbook

Employee Advocacy Workbook

Every successful employee advocacy program starts with a solid foundation…a plan.  Follow this workbook and create your employee advocacy plan in just 8 simple steps.  You will set up your task force, create goals, define your objectives and much more.


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