Social Human Resources

“Employees hired via referrals are hired 55% faster, cost less to recruit, stay longer and are quicker to onboard”

Source: Jobvite

Employer Brand Transparency

According to Weber Shandwick’s Employees Rising report, only 3 in 10 employees feel deeply engaged with their employer.

In an era where exists where every corporate decision is immediately shared and exposed for all to debate, protecting the employer brand can be a tricky affair.

The Impact On Talent Recruitment

Worse still, it impacts the ability to attract top talent to the organisation at a time when 75% of CEOs say that a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce should be a priority (Source: PWC Survey)

A collaborative culture is a transparent culture. If this level of trust is already in place, you are well set to reap the benefits of the next phase: Social media advocacy.

The Social Custodians Of The Employer Brand

On social networking and content-sharing sites, buyers are far more trusting of family and friends (78%) than a company leader (44%) (Source: Edelman Trust Barometer)

Employees are the beating heart of company culture and now the social custodians of the employer brand. A social media advocacy training program can support employee engagement, drive referral recruitment initiatives and build internal trust.