Social Apprentice Course

The Social Apprentice Course helps you to elevate your professional brand on LinkedIn from that of a basic profile to one that is highly relevant and customised for your target audience. Packed full of interactive tutorials, demo videos, templates, guides and checklists, you will be guided through the learning journey with self paced, bite-sized lessons. Get in touch today!

It’s no longer enough to say what you’ve done
but more to show what you’re doing.

The Impact Of The Digital Workplace

Social media has transformed the way your employees use the Internet.  It connects people around conversations and common interests and undoubtedly offers many benefits.

But with all good things come risks and these risks are at their greatest when people aren’t aware of them or able to recognise them.

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Protect Brand Reputation

The Social Practitioner course is focused around social media awareness helping your employees protect their professional reputation and the company brand.

This 20-minute eLearning course brings the social media policy to life using scenario based quizzes to check the learners understanding.

Create Employee Social Media Confidence

This online course uses realistic scenarios so that learners can apply what they learn into their own context.  It’s interactive, engaging and includes several quiz questions to check your employees understand the impact of their actions on social media.

At the end of the course employees can download a certificate and add a certification to their LinkedIn profile.

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Upon completion of the Social Apprentice course, employees will:

  • know how to best optimise your LinkedIn profile and settings.
  • develop effective strategies for building your core network on LinkedIn.
  • learn techniques and tools you can use for social listening.
  • establish a daily “coffee cup” routine to get you started on LinkedIn.

Course Overview:

Time:  20 Minutes
Format:  eLearning, Webinar Series, 3 hr workshop

  • Lesson 1:  Introduction to the Social Practitioner Course
  • Lesson 2:  The risks associated with social media
  • Lesson 3:  Tips for managing social media risk
  • Lesson 4:  Etiquette tips for social media
  • Lesson 5:  Social Practitioner quiz

£35.00 per employee – bulk discounts available

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Why Choose The Social Impact eLearning Program?


Professionally designed by eLearning experts so your employees enjoy the experience of learning.


Employee guided learning at a pace that suits them.   Need more time to absorb?  Be our guest.


All our lessons are less than 20 minutes long.  Just enough time to eat a sandwich or drink a coffee!


Learners can dip in and out of their social media journey to fit their busy schedules and families.


Theory is great but without context, is pointless.  We focus on examples and learning through stories.



Our training is packed full of demos, checklists, templates and guides.  Lots of support along the way.

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