Enterprise Social Impact Quiz

The perfect baseline to launching an employee advocacy program: Interactive, analytical and informative. Get in touch today!

The perfect baseline to launching an employee advocacy program:  Interactive, analytical and informative.

 Build A Picture Of Your Social Workforce


Your social impact starts with understanding where you already have impact.

The Enterprise Social Impact quiz is a great way for your employees to discover their current social media maturity level and understand what needs to be done to improve their impact over time.

Protect Employee & Brand Reputation


Building a holistic picture of your employee social media maturity level will allow you to target your training to specific audiences.

The Enterprise Social Impact Quiz is a bespoke version of our free online quiz.

Easily Discover Potential Brand Advocates


It’s password protected, custom branded and the results are analysed and mapped to our Social Media Maturity Model.

What’s more, we can adapt the questionnaire to ask your employees if they want to be part of a social business training program so you pinpoint those employees who are ready for social media training.

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At the end of the quiz, you will receive:

  • A copy of the full data report in Excel format
  • 1 page summary highlighting trends, opportunities and observations we made from your data
  • Illustration to show where your employees map onto our Social Media Maturity model

Quiz Format:

  • Online quiz
  • Launch email template
  • Follow up report and data

£750 – 15 days access

Why Choose The Enterprise Social Impact Quiz?

Custom Branded:

We will add your logo to the front screen and adjust the branding colours to match your brand colour palette.


Password Protected:

This is tailored to your business so we’ll protect the quiz with a password that your employees can use to access.

Quick To Complete:

We love our coffee breaks so we’ve designed this quiz to fit into one.  It will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.


Learn Along The Way:

We’ve added tips and tricks throughout the quiz so that your employees learn something along the way.

Analytics & Mapping:

We’ll map your result data to our social media maturity model and provide you a visual baseline and report.


Find Your Social Advocates:

Find your potential employee advocates by customising the quiz and asking who wants to be part of the program.

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